Service quality and specialist dedicated

The company was founded in 2012 by Loïc A. Paré and Émile D. Parent. The goal was to offer an all-inclusive maintenance service to pool owners in Québec city. Initially called Aquapro, launching this business allowed the two young entrepreneurs to get a better sense of the growing needs of pool owners in Québec. The following years allowed Aquapro to broaden its service offer with spa maintenance and the sale of products and equipment. Furthermore, Aquapro has adapted its services to a business, public and community clientele. In 2016, Aquapro became H2prO Entretien de spas et piscines and the company was ready to start a new and major challenge, the group launched a network throughout Québec. The objective of this expansion was to provide services to as many customers as possible and allow anyone to have peace of mind by trusting the most qualified professionals in Québec with their pool and spa.

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