Summer maintenance pool

Summer maintenance

Once or twice a week maintenance is the fundamental element of our service. It includes all of the following elements :

  • cleaning of the bottom of the pool with the vacuum;
  • cleaning of the surface with the net;
  • cleaning of the walls with the brush;
  • cleaning of the ring on the edge of the pool liner and on the steps;
  • physicochemical tests with an electronic photometer;
  • storing of the equipment and toys around the pool;
  • reverse flow cleaning (backwash);
  • verification of the filter’s pressure;
  • verification of the filtration system and equipment to make sure they are in good working order;
  • cleaning of the cartridge filters (if necessary);
  • chemical calibration of water (if necessary);
  • emptying and cleaning of the robot (if necessary) and;
  • comments and observation sheet completed by the technician (hard copy or electronic version).

Throughout the summer, we offer weekly pool maintenance on a contractual basis or on a casual basis (during vacation, before a reception or simply to test our service)!