Impeccable Maintenance of Pools or Spas


Recognizing the need for a turnkey pool maintenance service in the Quebec City area, Loïc A. Paré and Émile D. Parent established Aquapro Pool in 2012.

The two young businessmen heeding to customer demand continued adding to their list of services: spa maintenance, repairs to pools and spas, sale of products and equipment. And then, repairs and maintenance of commercial and institutional swimming pools and spas.

H2prO expertise and high quality standards spread throughout Quebec

Aquapro Becomes H2prO
Entretien de piscines et spas

The year 2016 marks an important turning point in the history of the company which then takes the name of H2prO Entretien de piscines et spas.

This coincides with the beginning of a new adventure: the start of a network of swimming pool and spa specialists in.

With 5 branches, H2prO is the largest group of pool maintenance firms in Quebec.

In 2017, H2prO adds repairs and replacement of pool and spa liners. This work requiring know-how and precision is in the hands of a dedicated team with over 20 years’ experience.

Today, more than 3,000 customers rely on H2prO to maintain and repair their pool or spa.

Just enjoy the good side of your pool or spa

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