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The pump: The heart of the filtration and circulation system of your pool is unarguably its pump. A defective pump or a pump that is not strong enough is the main cause of most green water problems. On the other hand, a well-maintained and functional pump is the key to good water circulation, and thus, clear water.

The skimmer: Skimmers are the small flaps on the sides of the pool at the water line level. They get rid of floating waste, insects and other surface detritus. The small white door, situated inside, is essential to maximize the water and detritus flow that go into the skimmer basket. A blocked skimmer basket may seriously restrict water circulation and affect its disinfection, which may cause cloudy water.

 The bottom drain: As its name suggests, the bottom drain is located at the bottom of the pool  and its main purpose is to supply the pump with water. The proper functioning of the bottom drain improves water circulation in the pool. However, a pool may function without a bottom drain but will require more disinfectant and a more diligent attention to skimmers.

The filter: After exiting the pump, water goes through the filter. Whatever the type of filter used (see the FAQ section to know the differences between filters), they all function according to the same general principle. The filtering material has small openings which prevent dirt from going through with the water. These openings are so small that it is even hard for the water to go through easily, resulting in the increase of pressure between the pump and filter. This explains the need to do reverse flow cleanings (backwashes) to eliminate dirt from the filtering materials (for sand filters). When all elements of your pool are functional and you still have problems with your water, it may well be that your filtration sand is too old and must be changed (it usually happens every four to five years).

Backflows: The importance of backflow streams in the pool is very often underestimated. Indeed, the key to having an efficient circulation is the orientation of the backflows. They must be oriented so as to create a circular flow that will allow the debris to be easily drawn in by the skimmer. Also, the backflows ensure a good distribution of the chlorine and other chemical products throughout the pool.

Essentially, your pool circulation system is crucial to all functions that allow your water to be clear and comfortable. A good circulation system is as important as a good chemistry to ensure the pool water is clean and safe.

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