Opening and Closing of Fountains and Water Games: TO PRESERVE YOUR FACILITIES

Fountains and water games are undoubtedly much appreciated by the residents of your municipality. However, this is a significant investment. At H2prO, our technicians make sure to properly open and close your facilities to protect your investment, taking into account specific requests and obligations.

What is included in our opening and closing service for fountains and water games:

  • Detailed spring maintenance:
    • Visual inspection
    • Operational tests
    • Water analysis and treatment
  • Winterizing maintenance:
    • Component verification
    • Removal of accessories
    • Purging of pipes
    • Injecting antifreeze solution
    • Covering jets and returns with winterizing plugs

fontaines piscine

Your public works team is head over ears in work and doesn’t have time to open and close your fountains and water games?

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