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Several people ask us when the best time is to open their pool.

To get a quick and successful result concerning clean and clear water, the ideal time is to open your pool as soon as possible. The main reason is that as the water is getting warmer, algae and bacteria grow. So, the colder the water when opening, less algae and bacteria there will be. Thus, the water of a pool opened in mid-April will get clearer a lot faster and will require less disinfectant in order to attain an adequate level for swimming. Also, opening your pool early will allow you to quickly detect and address minor damages that may occur after a harsh winter, in addition to being able to make the necessary repairs before peak season. Most importantly, you will admire a beautiful blue pool instead of a greenish pond when the beautiful spring days arise. In short, planning the opening and spring cleaning ahead of time will allow you not only to save time and money, but will also allow you to have a pool in perfect condition and easy to maintain, ready for swimming as soon as the temperature rises!


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