Complete Management of Your Pool or Spa

Maintaining a pool or spa is much more than simply skimming the surface. Depending on the type of pool and its use, several tasks must be undertaken. To ensure crystal-clear water at all times, leave the complete care of your pool to our team of professionals.

Concrete Pool Cleaning

Heavy traffic in commercial concrete pools makes it necessary to thoroughly clean the facilities. Make sure it's done right by entrusting this work to our experts.

What Commercial Concrete Pool Cleaning Includes:

  • Complete draining of pool
  • Cleaning of walls using a descaling solution

prise en charge piscine

Does your commercial concrete pool need a good cleansing?

Spring Cleaning of Your Pool or Spa

Crystal-clear water requires attention from the very first days after the filtration system is turned on. With our 5-visit spring cleaning service, your water will go from greenish brown to blue in no time.

Our Spring Cleaning Service for Pools and Spas Includes:

  • Cleaning of the pool bottom at each visit
  • Mixing of chemicals with water when necessary
  • Testing the water at each visit to make sure water is perfectly stabilized
  • Optional delivery and storage of products
  • Optional replacement and purchase of obsolete or broken equipment

We use the chemicals you have until they are used up. We will then bring in our own, which we will charge per use based on your pool's needs.

nettoyage printanier piscine

Can't wait to see your pool water turn from brown to blue?

Cleaning of Pool or Spa Filter Cartridges

Cleaning the cartridge of your pool or spa filter not only optimizes its performance, but also extends its life.

Filter Cartridge Cleaning for Residential Pools and Spas

You've opted for the benefits of a cartridge filter over a sand filter? Make sure you get the most out of it by cleaning your filter cartridges regularly.

Several factors can influence how often your pool's filter cartridges need cleaning: use of the pool, level of lime in the water, presence of algae, or high levels of pollutants.

What Our Pool or Spa Filter Cartridge Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Cleaning and soaking of soiled filters
  • Replacement of filters, if required

nettoyage cartouches piscines

Don't have time to soak and rinse your filter cartridges to optimize their efficiency?

Cleaning of Commercial Pool and Spa Filter Cartridges

Filter cartridges are known for their great efficiency in retaining even the smallest particles. However, when the pool or spa is used by a large number of bathers, cleaning must be done regularly to preserve all their filtering properties.

What our Commercial Pool Filter Cartridge Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Cleaning and soaking of soiled filters
  • Replacement of filters, if required

cartouches filtres piscines

Are you concerned about the quality of the water in your commercial pool?

Sand or Filter Media Replacement for Your Pool or Spa

Routine replacement of your pool's sand or filter media will optimize the performance of your filtration system and ensure good water quality.

Filtration Sand Replacement for Your Pool or Spa

You opted for a sand filter? Make sure you get the most out of it by replacing the filtration sand regularly.

Several factors can affect how often you need to replace your pool's filtration sand: wear and tear of sand grains, accumulation of impurities in the filter, frequency and duration of washing/rinsing operations, agglomeration of limestone inside filter.

What Our Filter Sand Replacement Service Includes:

  • Removal of dirty sand
  • Water flushing of filter tank
  • Visual inspection of spider
  • Addition of new filtration media
  • Disposal of contaminated sand

remplacement de sable pour filtreur piscine

Don't want to replace the filter sand yourself?

Pool or Spa Filter Media Replacement

From the moment it is installed, a new filtration medium is very effective in retaining even the smallest particles. However, after a while, algae and bacteria develop and demand more of the medium.

The filtering medium must be replaced regularly to maintain proper filtration.

What Our Commercial Pool Filter Media Replacement Service Includes

  • Emptying of soiled sand
  • Cleaning the filter tank with water
  • Visual inspection of the spider
  • Addition of new filter medium
  • Transport and disposal of contaminated medium

effectuer un test physicochimique

Are you concerned about providing excellent water to the
bathers who use your commercial pool?

Pool and Spa Water Quality Tests

The key to perfect water quality is accurate testing and interpretation to ensure that the right products are added to the water. Our technicians are masters in the art of correctly calibrating your water.

Physicochemical Testing of Your Pool or Spa Water

You wish to do the maintenance of your pool yourself, but would like to profit from the advice of an expert? Our physicochemical water testing service is your affordable solution! During these visits, our specialist will make sure that your installations are working properly and that your pool or spa water is chemically calibrated. He will take samples of your water for analysis. All you have to do is read his conclusions and advice in your online file.

What Our Physicochemical Testing Service Includes:

  • Chlorine test (free, total, combined)
  • pH test
  • Total alkalinity test
  • Calcium hardness test
  • Stabilizer test
  • Backwash
  • Water calibration
  • Online report of results
  • Water turbidity observation
  • Visual and auditory checks for proper functioning of equipment

test physicochimique piscine

Do you wish the recommendations of an expert without paying
for a complete pool maintenance service?

Microbiological Testing of Your Pool or Spa Water

Make sure all your legal obligations regarding pool water quality control are strictly adhered to by outsourcing them to our team.

If you manage a public bathing facility or if your building has over 50 residential units, you are legally required to keep a record of the microbiological tests performed every other week. You don't have the resources to do it? We will handle it for you!

Included in Our Turnkey Microbiological Testing Service:

  • Sampling of your pool or spa water for mandatory tests: fecal coliform, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, turbidity, etc.
  • Shipping of samples to the laboratory and receiving the results
  • Posting results online and at the pool at the prescribed time
  • To ensure the safety of bathers, shutting down the pool and treating the water upon receipt of positive results from the sample

microbiologique piscine

Are you concerned about meeting all the requirements of the Regulation
respecting water quality in swimming pools and other ponds?

Bathing Facilities Consulting and Expertise

Are you investing in the installation of an in-ground pool for your fellow citizens? Your pool is already in place, but you want to make sure that everything runs smoothly? We can help you!

What is Our Inground Pool Consultation and Expertise Service?

  • Inground pool pre-construction consultation ensuring the best investment for you
  • Expertise in inground pool installation and consulting for existing pools
  • Expertise in optimizing already installed filtration and disinfection components

expertise piscine

Are you planning to install a public in-ground pool or already have one?

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