Pool and Spa Restoration and Repair

Over the years, some renovation or restoration work on your pool becomes essential. And sometimes small breakdowns occur that need to be quickly taken care of.

Our team has mastered the art of repairing, restoring and renovating your pools and spas whether residential, commercial or industrial.

Testing for Leaks in Your Pool

Does the water level in your pool keep dropping? It may be difficult to locate the source of the leak. Our professionals will carry out pressure testing and leak detection to fix the problem.

Major Locations of Leaks on a Pool:

  • Pool filter leak: this is the first and easiest element to check. It is often either a seal or micro cracks in the filter bowl
  • Leaks in sealed parts such as the skimmer, the discharge nozzle, the brush intake or a light
  • Leaks due to a break in your pool liner
  • Leaks due to cracks in your concrete pool
  • Leaks in the plumbing system

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Don't waste hours looking for a leak in your pool.

Pool Leak Repairs

Regardless of the source of leaks in your in-ground or above-ground pool, it's in your best interest to have our experts repair them. Not only will the problem be solved more rapidly, but you can be sure of a long-lasting repair.

H2prO Experts Perform the Following Leak Repairs :

  • Replacement of seals or any other piping component
  • Replacement of cracked parts such as the filter bowl
  • Sealing and repairing seals of skimmer, discharge nozzle, brush holder or light niche
  • Sealing or replacement of the pool liner
  • Sealing cracks in your concrete pool

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Get an effective and long-lasting repair.

Concrete Pool Restoration and Renovation

Be it purely for aesthetics or to repair a few damage due to years of use, our concrete pool restoration service will help extend the lifespan of your pool.

What Our Concrete Pool Restoration Service Can Include:

  • Cleaning and sandblasting
  • Inspection of concrete's general condition
  • Repairs to cracks

piscine beton

Treat your concrete pool to a facelift
in order to increase its lifespan.

Pool Restoration by Sandblasting

One of the best ways to prevent deterioration of your pool's concrete is to sandblast and paint the surface on a regular basis. As a bonus, your pool will always look good!

Our Concrete Pool Sandblasting and Painting Service Includes:

  • Cleaning and sandblasting of concrete surface
  • Inspecting for cracks
  • Applying rubberized or epoxy paint

piscine peinture sandblast

Protect the quality of the concrete by regularly
cleaning and sandblasting the surface.

Concrete Pool Painting

A new paint job on the concrete surface of your pool will give it a whole new look! Ask our experts for advice.

Plan to regularly sand and paint your pool's concrete surface.

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