Weekly Maintenance of Pools and Spas

Regular maintenance of your pool or spa is the key to quality swimming water. Our technicians are trained to perform maintenance on residential pools and spas as well as commercial and institutional pools.

Weekly Maintenance of Residential Pools and Spas

Our pool and spa maintenance specialists are on hand as often as you need them: every week, every three days or even on a daily basis! Because providing you with impeccable service is paramount to us.

What Our Pool & Spa Maintenance Service Includes :

  • Cleaning bottom with a sweeper, surface with net, walls with brush and rings on edges of liner and steps
  • Professional kit for physicochemical test: pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, disinfectant level
  • Storing of equipment and toys around the pool
  • Backwash operation
  • Checking filter pressure
  • Checking for proper operation of filtration system and equipment
  • Cleaning cartridge filters if needed
  • Chemical calibration of water if required
  • Emptying and cleaning robot if appropriate
  • Technician's online comments and observations sheet

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Don't let your pool water lose its crystal-clear quality while you're away.

Weekly Commercial Pool and Spa Maintenance

Maintenance of a commercial concrete pool for safe and healthy enjoyment by your clients or neighbours requires weekly, and sometimes daily, action based on how often it is used. Leave this task to our maintenance team.

What Our Concrete Pool Maintenance Service Includes:

  • Cleaning of the bottom, surface, walls and rings
  • Physicochemical test and chemical calibration of the water if required
  • Storage of equipment and toys around the pool
  • Checking for proper operation of installation, filtration system and equipment
  • Cleaning of the cartridge filters if needed
  • Technicians comments and observations

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Take the burden of managing the maintenance of your
commercial concrete pool off your shoulders

Weekly Public Pool and Spa Maintenance

The maintenance of a public pool or spa can be time-consuming, especially if it is very busy. Call on our team and we'll service your pool or spa as often as necessary: once a week or every day, we'll be there!

What Can Be Included in Our Public Pool or Spa Maintenance Service :

  • Cleaning the surface, walls and bottom of the pool or spa
  • Physicochemical testing
  • Chemical calibration of water according to the physicochemical test results
  • Inspection of installation, filtration system and equipment
  • Cleaning cartridge filters if necessary
  • Technician's visit report and advice

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Free your team from the task of maintaining your public pool or spa

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