Quality Products for the Maintenance of Your Pool or Spa

We use top quality products for the maintenance of your pool or spa.

You can purchase many of these products at our store.

Chlorine for Pools and Spas

  • Durations capsules: destabilized chlorine capsules, sanitizer
  • Mini-Chlor tabs: chlorination tablets for spas
  • Ultra Pucks: stabilized chlorination tablets

Water Purity Calibration and Control Products

  • Alkalinity: controls pH fluctuation in pool water
  • Algicide: prevents algae formation
  • Anti-Metals: inactivates and precipitates minerals and metals in pool water
  • Anti-Foam : quick solution to eliminate foam in spas
  • Calcium: prevents long-term wear and tear on equipment
  • Chlor-Out: neutralizes chlorine and bromine
  • Liquid Clarifier: provides clear, sparkling water - very powerful formula
  • Crystalline H2O: Clarifies water, regulates pH, granular algaecide, controls algae in pool water
  • Enzyme: natural derivative formula to destroy organic matter in spa and pool water
  • 7 in 1 tabs: water analysis tabs for pools and spas
  • Mini-Brom tabs : bromination tablets for pools and spas
  • Oxy Clear-Shock: chlorine-free shock treatment (oxidizer) for pools and spas
  • pH minus: reduces the pH of the water
  • pH plus: increases the pH of the water

Cleaning Products for Pools and Spas

  • Anti-Stain: stain remover and controls minerals in water
  • Clean & Drain: Spa, hot tub and whirlpool plumbing cleaner
  • Cell Cleaner: Salt chlorine generator cell cleaner
  • Filter Cleaner: Green certified concentrated cleaner for sand and cartridge filters
  • Spa-Ball: a grease absorbing sponge for pools and spas

Other Pool & Spa Products

  • Soft: a specially formulated aromatherapy for spas that provides greater comfort for bathers

Use high quality products.

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