Pool opening


Opening of inground vinyl liner pools, inground concrete pools, inground fiber-glass pools and above ground pools

The opening of a pool involves the starting up of the filtration system, the installation of various accessories related to the pool and a first disinfecting treatment. It includes the following elements :

  • starting up of the filtration system;
  • installation of the ladders;
  • first physicochemical test, with results and advice;
  • first disinfecting treatment (if the pH observed is favourable for chlorination);
  • check-up of the equipment following winter to ensure that it is in good working order;
  • installation of the pool light (if necessary);
  • cleaning of the salt system cell (if necessary);
  • cleaning of the water surface (if necessary);
  • cleaning with muriatic acid (concrete pools only);
  • first major cleaning of the pool floor (if combined with the spring cleaning);
  • product delivery and storage (if asked when obtaining an appointment).