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The Pool and Spa Industry in 2022

Did you know that, according to Moneris, pool sales jumped more than 400% from January to March 2021, compared to the same date in 2020? Let’s bet that 2022 won’t be so different! In other words, the pool and spa market has literally exploded in the last few years. Should popularity alone confirm your choice of spa or pool? There is more to consider.

As a good advisor, it is essential to get you to think before you buy and to suggest a few questions to avoid an impulsive or careless purchase. H2PRO has 10 years of experience and more than 5,000 active clients every year. We are in a good position to tell you that buying a pool or a spa is an investment, the goal being to enjoy it and not to regret it!

The Price

As is the case in many industries, pool and spa prices have increased. Why have they gone up? Here are some reasons:

  • The price of steel has doubled.
  • Import and export costs have increased.

It is important to be aware that the price of a pool or spa does not only include the pool itself. It also includes the production work, the manufacturer, transportation, delivery, installation and landscaping. It is therefore important to see this acquisition as a beautiful, but big project!

A Luxury?

Consider the fact that in recent years, we are more often at home and many of us telecommute. People also tend to be away from home less during their vacations. Even children are spending more time at home! So, is this really a luxury or a change for a better quality of life? Here are some facts to consider when buying a pool or spa:

  • For entertaining friends, it’s perfect!
  • To get the kids to expend energy, it’s great!
  • To cool off, it’s fantastic!
  • To relax, it is paradise!

The Choice

When time comes to make a choice, 3 little words come to mind:

  • Weather: temperatures are getting warmer and warmer in the summer, it’s very hot!
  • Telecommuting: a little swim at lunchtime in the summer is so nice!
  • News : Reservations for a public pool are complicated!

The Reasons

When it comes to pools and spas, forewarned is forearmed! Doing things right is a prerequisite for such a large purchase and it is important to consider that it is :

  • An investment in our quality of life;
  • A significant contribution to our vacations, because with the pandemic, travel is uncertain and prices of cottages to buy or rent are excessive;
  • It’s a relief to be able to rely on experts like H2PRO and avoid pitfalls such as buying second-hand or on Market Place, for example.


For a pool or a spa, trusting a professional from H2PRO is doing yourself a favour! For any questions or requests for a quote, contact our team who will be happy to work with you on your project!


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