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FAQ: Changing the liner of your in-ground pool!

Checking and replacing the liner is an integral part of pool maintenance. Consider the following information!

  1. How long will my pool liner last?

First of all, it is important every year that you check your pool liner before the season begins and at the very end of the season. If you’ve been the proud owner of a pool for some time and have never changed the liner, it’s worth considering. The life span of an in-ground pool liner is about 15 years while an above ground pool liner will need to be replaced after about 10 years.  

  1. What are the signs of wear and tear on the liner?

During your twice-a-year check-up, in the spring and fall, look for signs of wear and tear on the liner, such as

– Texture: a porous and rough texture indicates an aging liner.

– Colour: A fading liner or a faded pattern is often a sign of serious wear and tear of the liner.

– Water leaks: a drop in water level can be a warning sign of liner wear.

– Cracks: a worn liner becomes fragile and brittle.

  1. What causes liner wear?

Of course, time is an important factor, but there are also other elements that can damage pool liners:

– Sun;

– Chemical products;

– Harsh Quebec winters.

  1. When is the best time to replace my pool liner?

At H2PRO, we recommend replacing the liner in the spring, at the beginning of the season, because this operation requires draining all the water from the pool. Since Quebec’s warm weather only lasts a short time, it’s best to proceed at the beginning of the season so as not to lose precious swimming days! Also, delaying the change could lead to greater inconvenience and serious damage to your pool.

  1. How do I change my pool liner?

The replacement of a pool liner takes about three days, the time to remove the old one, to check for any required repairs, to install the new liner, to partly fill with water to stretch the liner. In this way, our vacuum pumps can have a better suction, in order to optimize stretching of the liner to remove any wrinkles. All that remains is to complete the filling process. This last phase is completed step by step to avoid any breakage and to ensure a proper installation.

Let our H2PRO experts replace your in-ground pool liner. You won’t have to worry about anything! It’s a complex process that requires precise measurements and meticulous installation (without bulges or folds, bottom cover, lighting, etc.). Plus, receive a 10% discount on your 2022 season installation if you book before November 1, 2021!

Don’t wait until your liner is too damaged or torn to replace it! Trust our professionals: all you’ll have to do then is enjoy your new installation!

Get ready: plan your 2022 summer season now! Contact us today!


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